Q: How do I become part of Helsinki Casting database? 
A: Fill out the casting form!

Q: Do I have to be an experienced actor to be part of your casting database? 
A: No, you don’t need experience to be called for casting. Check the box “no experience” if you are simply interested!

Q: If I fill out the form, will I be obligated somehow?
A: No, you will not. All it means is that we will call you if an appropriate role comes up for you. You can always decide if you want to come in for casting or not.

Q: What does it cost?
A: Nothing.

Q: I am signed to a modeling agency. Will it be a problem? 
A: Not at all. Just tell that in the form and give us the name and number of your representative. 

Q: How often will I get role offers from you?
A: It depends. You might be asked to be in a casting from zero to multiple times a year.

Q: How will you contact me?
A: Usually by email and text messages.

Q: I have filled out the form previously and now I have new photos, what should I do?
A: It is not currently possible to update the old data by signing in. But you are welcome to fill out the form again. We recommend you update only once a year. If you do so, show us some NEW photos!

Q: How much money can I make?
A: It varies from tens of euros to thousands of euros. You will always be told the pay before accepting the job.

Q: What if I don’t look like a model? Or what if I’m 100 years old?
A: Not a problem. We want to see all kinds of people!

Q: I have a disability, is it a problem?
A: No, just tell us about it in the additional info.  

Q: Do I have to live in Helsinki?
A: No. Most productions are shot in Helsinki, so being local makes coming to the shoot and to the casting easier. In some cases, the casting can be done by selftapes or video calls.

Q: I have a password protected showreel, introduction tape or sample of my work. How can I show it to you?
A: Just copy the link to the casting form and tell us the password in the additional info.

Q: Is it safe? What will you do with my info? 
A: Helsinki Casting will never sell your information or give it to third parties without your permission. Your email will not get spam, just role offers!

Q: Will you be sending annoying monthly newsletter?
A: No. At the moment we are not planning to send newsletters at all, just role offers.
Incase this changes one day, you will be able to unsubscribe by a click of a button.

Q: How long will you keep my info?
A: We will keep your info until you tell us not to. If you want to be removed from the database just write us an email asking us to delete your info, and you will not be contacted by us again. Hopefully you don’t want to do that though!

Q: How do I know that my info was received?
A: Once you push the “Done” -button you will see a page saying that everything went smoothly. We will see your photos and your info in our systems, but unfortunately we can’t answer everybody separately.

Q: What does a good casting photo look like?
A: It really show hows you look and is shot with decent light and preferably against a neutral background. Three photos are obligatory. Ideally, there would be one with a neutral expression, one with a smile and one whole body shot (showing your body from head to toe with clothes on). Do not use sunglasses or anything covering your face. There should not be much make-up. Do not use photo filters! Photos should not be older than 6 months when you upload them.

Q: I don’t have photos like that!
A: You probably know someone with a smart phone! ;) Ask them to take the photos! We HIGHLY recommend this to EVERYBODY, because we love new pics!

Q: I have a lot of friends and relatives who would like this! What should I do?
A: SHARE AWAY! In facebook, twitter, instagram, do it! Help grandpa and fill it out with him!